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Ryker Madison and Sage Porter live life in the fast lane where a little road head can turn an afternoon cruise into an adrenaline pumping fuck fest! By the time the boys hightail it home the ride goes into overdrive with their libidos firing on all cylinders. After crashing down the hallway, Ryker finally takes control and moves through the gears fucking Sage’s exquisite ass every which way he knows how. The revved up twink joy ride cums to a fantastic finish with both boys exploding in euphoria. Starring: Sage Porter, Ryker Madison

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Roman Daniels takes one of our new stars Liam Riley on a day long adventure to show him the beautiful beaches of California. The boys take a ride up the coast enjoying the sights, watching the surfers and ending their day at beautiful Sunset Cliffs to watch the star at the center of our solar system set for the evening. Roman suggests to Liam the idea of spending the night at the beach so they can resume their exploration the following morning. It’s not very long after they wake up before Roman makes a move on Liam and ends up fucking his tight hole making him cum with intense pleasure. Starring: Roman Daniels, Liam Riley

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Before we shot this scene Lukas Wild and Brody Frost had made out on three different occasions but had never had the chance to consummate the relationship. We could tell that they were both starting to get very frustrated waiting for the big moment. So when we finally put them together in a room, turned on the camera and said “Ok, do what you want,” they were ripping each other’s clothes off before we even finished the sentence. From there the heat just kept turning up with Lukas and Brody trying every position they had been dreaming about for the past month. Where they into it? Watch Brody’s 8 inch dick swell to full size the whole time Lukas is in his ass. And watch Lukas splash his love juice all over Brody. The proof is in the pudding.


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