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We’re never actually told why Devon LeBron is waiting in Kris Wallace’s office – to be fair it’s not essential to know – but it’s clear from the very beginning that the young white boy doesn’t have an issue with him being there. In fact, given the way that he’s feeling himself under his desk we reckon Wallace is more than happy to have that big black dude ensconced nearby.

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Some bastards have all the luck – and Zsolt XL must be one of them. How else can you explain why this muscled, cropped-haired daddy got the chance to bed a pair of over-sexed twins in the shape of Romeo and Enzo Mendez? In fairness, however, when you’re a slut like Zsolt, who seems quite willing and eager to do pretty much anything in bed for an extra ten quid, you’re obviously going to attract the attention of the guys who make decisions of casting – a hint there for anyone thinking of a late entrance to the biz!

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For some reason, all black twink vs white gay videos I have watched is a porn attack of the black gay boy on the white dude. But what if there are two ivory guys and one ebony fella? Of course, this gay boy threesome is nothing but a white fuck attack on the black twink and this is not a surprise as the chocolate dude couldn’t fuck the two gay boy threesome whities. But I have been waiting for a sudden black gay boy attack for all the time. Know what? There are a few such moments!

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