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Manual crop some fresh galls today and added to rotation.

p.s. old paysites and galls deleted…


The sun is up, the bed is beautifully made and all’s right with the world. Little wonder that young buddies, Martin Muse and Bryan Hogan, are clearly in a very passionate mood. Indeed, those careful placed rose-petals on the sheets don’t stand a chance as the two mates promptly engage in a hardcore smooching session,

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You only have to take one passing glance at Nick Vargas to realise that he’s no stranger to physical exercise – a man who heads out to the gym to push some weights having already spent a sweaty hour or two fine-tuning his martial expertise. Not that you’d really expect anything less from a STAXUS model, of course; and meantime young Tony Conrad is clearly keen to emulate his pal’s habits by lifting dumbbells in an effort to pump his guns. In short, these two mates are at the peak of youthful fitness – a fact that director, John Smith, uses to the fullest measure here by pitching them together in an oiled-up wrestling contest.

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Welcome to 2016 )

Good luck in the New Year !

many fresh updates coming soon…


Have you ever been picked up by a ride-share service and the driver was so sexy, you just had to whip out your dick and stroke it right then and there? No? Well it’s not every day you get chauferred by the likes of Evan Parker. Cooper Steel is so turned on, he can’t help but pleasure himself in the back seat of Evan’s ride. Noticing his passenger’s growing boner in the rear view mirror, Evan suggests they take a detour to somewhere a little more private. With the car parked in a tight space, Evan parks his hard cock right in Cooper’s tight ass. Driving in and out, harder and faster, both Evan and Cooper reach their destination, blowing milky loads all over one another.

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